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DIY Digital Marketing

February 15, 2018 / by Amber Wilder

The DIYer's guide to marketing online.

Doing your own marketing is cost-effective and allows you to learn along the way. Marketing your business is a full-time job and should be trusted to an expert. As the business owner, your time is better spent managing other parts of your business. If doing it yourself is your only option, try these tid-bits out for size:


Your website is the foundation to your online presence. Your website should meet all of the standard search criteria and be easy to index.


Authoritative links are crutial to the validity of your website. Links not only give you credibility from other sources, they use information to match as another way of passing the "crawl test". Search engines scan billions of web pages for the most accurate results to the person searching. Good links come from business profiles and news sites, to name a few.

Social Platforms

Having a social media account is not enough. When you create a social account, it is important that nothing is left blank. This includes business listing information, hours, website, and photos.

Follow up

Following up doesn't have to be with a phone call-it can be done digitally. Online display ads (remarketing) and email marketing are great ways to create another touch point with your potential customers.

Digital marketing can be intimidating at first and it is time-consuming. Doing it the right way doesn't always mean doing it yourself. Digital marketing changes on a regular basis and is driven by search algorithims that are determined on user behavior and experience. Give your business the treatment it deserves by hiring a professional.